Huang Jiangji AIR 017 millet big data is a prerequisite for artificial

Huang Jiangji AIR 017 丨 millet: big data is a prerequisite for artificial intelligence

In today’s Global Summit on artificial intelligence and robotics, xiaomi co-founder Huang Jiangji (KK), with the introduction of intelligent home devices series of millet, millet on the development of artificial intelligence-sharing methodology.

Most industry insiders believe, success in artificial intelligence data, and Huang Jiangji think that artificial intelligence can not develop without these three premises: products + data + machine learning.

First of all, machine learning and data is not highly active products, these products include software and similar such as bracelets, televisions, boxes, network devices, and smart home smart hardware. Huang Jiangji mentioned that the phone has 20 million MIUI user, of which 8 day Active 10 million applications, while over 1 million 17. The promotion data and machine learning to lay a good foundation.

When highly active products when landing, it will generate a large amount of data, and the establishment of high quality data, data acquisition, data cleansing, data mining, data intelligence, ways to achieve. We know that any data is a service, so building the user picture is particularly important for everyone. Millet portrait for established users to collect various scenarios, as well as fragments of time data, data amounted to a total of 200TB.

In addition, Huang Jiangji said that they understand the needs of users by search, featured, guide, manual operation mode. Huang Jiangji was last proposed the following two questions:

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Millet is the most intelligent do you think what the product is?

Huang Jiangji: you asked a public of KK words, I will told you we of products are is intelligent of has, if you asked has closed of KK words, I will told you no a products really of do and simple, even is without you of intervention it on can put things do have extreme, this somewhat demanding, if you asked we intelligent of degrees do have highest of, undoubtedly is we of phone. I not know everyone know not know millet of development mode, you buy has millet phone zhihou we basically of system is weekly are upgrade once, from 5 years Qian began first paragraph phone to today we basically each one week update once, inside of all of update most needs is from user of, is we weekly actually is can let they told we this week update he meet of Qian three sample things is what, also told we he not satisfaction of is rotten of Qian three sample things is what, weekly to we vote, We do mobile phone today is the most mature business, its intelligence is relatively mature. Hermes iPhone 6 leather case Hermes iPhone 6 Case

Millet focuses not on the front end, when it’s on the front end if you back with all the data analysis done, how industrialization, how do you make money?

Huang Jiangji: I hope I resolved question of the report, if you do things you do not have a front-end, back-end, the clouds, in the end. We first to put this products of hardware do, then put system of software do, is real of user willing to to using this products, then is cloud, has cloud only can produced data, produced has this data zhihou only can to machine learning or, how to depth learning or, let it in turn into a data model, put you of products do have increasingly intelligent, inside of commercial of only can put it of experience degrees do have increasingly good. You really want to French intelligence, you don’t put each floor, can’t you do it intelligently.


Huawei s mysterious new machines appear GeekBench higher than running Mate 8

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8

GeekBench appeared on a Huawei’s mysterious new machine, its test-run higher than Kirin Mate 8 950, single core performance up to 1913, multi-core performance for 6870.

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8
Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8

See from the GeekBench, the unknown of the new machine is equipped with 8-core processor, memory 4GB system for Android 6.0. Comparative information on GeekBench Mate 8, in addition to the Board is different, almost unanimously.

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8
Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8

(Integers) GUCCI case for iphone

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8
Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8

(Floating) GUCCI iPhone 6 Cases

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8
Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8


Detailed contrast Mate 8 run the test, you can find whether it is in integer arithmetic on floating-point operations, new machines are better than Mate 8 Kirin 950, but the run was significantly lower than that of memory Mate 8. This projection is optimized for the new machines may be equipped with Kirin 950, or high frequency’s version of kylin 953 and 955.

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Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8


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Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

CVE security vulnerability database Details released in 2015, this security vulnerabilities than any other software product of the year list, ranked in the top five are: Mac OS x, iOS, Flash and Air and the Adobe Air SDK. Mac OS x led by 384, followed by iOS with 375, compared with 130,Windows in contrast, Android is also only about 150.

iPad mini Hello Kitty case

Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

In the last year, were the top five in the list is the IE browser, Mac OS x, Linux Kernel, Chrome and iOS,Android is not in the top 50.

Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

CEV results Details can also cause some controversy. For example, OS x has only one General entry, while the Windows are divided into multiple versions of the. Because a separate version of Windows may be the same vulnerability exists, so it is the full version number of vulnerabilities in between 135~155. Hello Kitty iPad mini

If by manufacturer number of vulnerabilities will be much fun–Microsoft based on 1561 came first, including all of the IE vulnerability, Windows and other software. However, 8 of them in other Windows versions also exist is repeated. iPad mini Hello Kitty case

Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability


Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability
Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

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Micro major update Apple to Watch

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

On December 29, iOS app ushered in major update, the focus of this update is that app on the Apple Watch, micro-micro-letter letter watchOS 2 is the official claim to be overridden. Vera Bradley iPhone 6 Case

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

This update includes:

Circle of friends dial: lift the wrist at a time, you can see the dynamics of friends.

Small-signal: click a friend’s head, you can send a voice message.

Watch contact: on the watch quickly send information to a friend.

Exclusively for watchOS 2 rewrite, less electricity, 1.5 times performance increase.

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

Now Apple app can be added directly on the dial of the Watch contacts more easily communicate with micro-friends, and friends will take turns on the dial displaying of the last few.

Vera Bradley iPhone 6

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch
Micro-major update: Apple to Watch
Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

But the app also has a new Apple Watch special features, micro-buddy’s head in a letter sent by clicking on the “small signal”, the so-called small-signal is a pop-up shaking reminder in each other’s cell phone will pop up a tiny little window that displays “looking for you”, and this function does not exist on the phone. Vera Bradley iPhone 6

And now Apple Watch app can finally send voice messages! We don’t need to go text sending app information with your voice, although Apple Watch voice transfer to micro-letter character recognition rate is higher than those of other smart watch, but will always appear to identify error conditions, voice messages will let Apple Watch app chat become more available!

While app official said “fully watchOS 2 rewrite, less electricity, 1.5 times performance increase. “But I discovered after Apple app is still on the Watch tab, the slower response ~

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch


Micro-major update: Apple to Watch
Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

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Wireless communication standard setters why the 5G is overrated

When discussing the Internet communication technologies, the industry association for such a cliché topic:

Internet communication technology so much, the need for a uniform standard?

5G there are so many advantages, it is required for Internet communication technologies?

Networking area this is one of the few problems with transmission, specifically has been sublimated into two propositions. Industry have given their answer to first question, benevolent; the second is almost unanimously, they think that 5 g is the basis of all things Internet.

But in the eyes of a wireless communication standard custom, the answer is the opposite. Wi-SUN Union greater standards Director, IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), 802.15 wireless professional networking and Zigbee Alliance founder Robert Heile received from Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) interview, has overturned the two propositions.

Wireless communication standard-setters: why the 5G is overrated

Wi-SUN Union standards greater China Director Robert Heile

5G is not the only

If you use the simplest way to describe differences in networking and the Internet, it is “a large quantity”.

By 2020 there will be 26 billion devices will achieve interoperability, in fact it could be bigger.

Heile said.

This order of magnitude to make high demands to make the connection between the device and even standards haven’t developed was deified 5G network has been in the industry become a key technology for hosting such a large-scale equipment. From a technical standpoint of choice for 5G is the Internet of things, and it supports large-scale data connections, and has the advantage of high bandwidth, high speed and low latency.

However, Heile, 5G role was amplified by industry, it is not the only communication technology.

Although 5G will become the core of future networks, but also key to the mass adoption of the Internet of things technologies, but the 4G extension only, not a revolutionary technology, even without 5G, things still exist.

You may think so, five years after commercial 5G field is still the mobile Internet, rather than the Internet.

Because in the tens of billions of Internet devices, bandwidth scenarios and data traffic is only a small part of it.

Take a very simple example, you deploy sensors of the building façade cannot also implanted a 5G module, power consumption and cost is obviously not allowed. Instead there is some near-field communication technology such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, and even SigFox, LoRa and other low power private networks can also solve basic communication between devices.

Summary is, 5G is just part of a wider network of Internet of things.

Compatibility, there is no uniform standard

No doubt, WiFi, and Bluetooth, ZigBee, Zwave, and numerous is not mainstream wireless communications technology can satisfy the needs of various scenarios. For example, the short-range high-speed application you first think of WiF, point-to-point distance transmission using Bluetooth to meet …

But communication protocols but sweet annoyance.

Now the biggest problem is too much technology over the next five years will be phased out, and several mainstream technologies.

As to what kind of technology will become mainstream who dare to make improper comments, however, Heile also made a bold prediction–there can be no uniform standard between communication protocols also do not replace each other.

Wireless communication and cable are not the same, because the causes of air interface, direct connectivity of wireless communication is not possible, and the different communications protocols have different application scenarios, technologies cannot meet the tens of billions of devices. Kenzo iPhone6 plus

Kenzo iPhone6 plus

This logic seems correct, but the chip-makers, module suppliers and terminal equipment manufacturers to bring a difficult question–among the many technologies to choose the most appropriate technology is not difficult, but the technology you pick what technology to connect with others is a skilled task.

At present, the tradeoff is between the various devices in the industry can not directly connected, for example, within the family, through a gateway device can be connected to different communication standards, greater range, can also be solved through the clouds.

In this regard, Heile thinks just to Exchange data, is equivalent to connectivity. KENZO iPhone 6 Plus Case

Is the nature of Internet connected devices, but the purpose of connecting devices can exchange data, and converting data into usable information. From a technical perspective, networking at any level if it can be connected to each other, enabling data transfer, you can become part of the Internet of things, such as WiFi or cellular networks (mobile network).

Of course, Heile says this is the best of several connection methods, better plan ahead, like many Union are pursuing compatible technology.

The ultimate goal

From a single technology, applied to the Internet communication technology and there will be no big change in the future, the most likely scenario is to be developed to a higher standard of standards development, such as frequency, reaching dozens of GHz, so you can reach higher speeds and higher bandwidth. At present, the industry has been done in optical communication, so there is not much in frequency space.

Frequency has reached the limit, but the new technology is still emerging.

For example, in recent years the attention of the industry “multi-hop networks”. It is constructed from nodes, including devices such as computers and cell phones, these devices are wireless connected to each other, and can transmit data over the network to each other. Data from one node to another node until you reach the destination. As soon as any one node is available, data can be transferred.

Wireless Ad Hoc networks, wireless sensor networks and Wireless Mesh Networks fall into this category, but the programme is not yet mature. Future wireless communication technologies not only acts as a connection

Met niushou Mt

“Rim niushou Mt”

Each journey will have different encounters; and every meeting, is for “luck”. Believe that “luck” who where will pay attention to margins, popularity, or Buddhism. Sutra says, “just a mirror this life, how much incense edge past. Red dust, all living things, the fate of margin, margin in every. “The cause of everything.

And the Nanjing niushou Mt of journey also for “margin”, we phase poly niushou Mt, regardless of is it beautiful of scenery, also is deep of culture heritage; regardless of is momentum brilliant of Buddha top Palace, and Giuliano prostrating parietal Bone Relic, and Zen border Hall of as Lotus • fosong, and also is station in Buddha top Tower Shang overlooking whole niushou Mt of unlimited landscape, are is a different unusual of journey.

Met, niushou Mt

▲ Top appearance

Met, niushou Mt

▲ Top SI

Met, niushou Mt

▲ Top Tower

Met, niushou Mt

▲ Top Tower view panorama

Met, niushou Mt

• Marilyn Chung show

Met, niushou Mt

▲ Thousand Buddha Hall

“Ox culture”

Niushou Mt cultural tourism

Address: Dan 18th Avenue, Nanjing, Jiangning district, Nanjing city

Official website: http://www.niushoushan.NET/

Tel: 400 165 6363

Scenic area has wireless network coverage

Niushou MT is located in Jiangning district, Nanjing city, Hill named after the North and South peaks like a horn. A niushou Mt, half history of Nanjing. Niushou Mt beautiful, known as “Chen first” reputation, first the mists of paleo-cows and flowers clear beauty, TSO and vibration Tin Jinling, also remains many historic sites, such as Yue Fei anti former camp, Cliff, hongjuesi Tower, Zheng’s cultural Park. Attract numerous emperors, poets and assigned to cultivate tea, left more than more than 400 poems.

Met, niushou Mt

In recent years, the world Buddhist Supreme sacred–Sakyamuni Buddha’s parietal bone relics in Nanjing spirit chongguang, agreed by the religious, cultural and heritage research, Nanjing Municipal Government decided to build a tourist in niushou Mt, long an image of Buddha’s parietal bone relic. Cultural tourism area in niushou Mt to “fill tianque, Tibetan Palace, Holy Word, Philip now towers, Buddhist temples, five leaf” as the core design concept, comprehensive protection of historical and cultural relics in niushou Mt, fix niushou Mt natural ecological landscape, utilizing the old mine building Palace, long an image of Buddha’s parietal bone relic. Cultural tourism as a whole covers top holy land, treasure flowers, and implicit Long Changu, MI Jing Lin, tianque town five functional areas, to build into Buddhist culture, and culture, ecological landscape as one of the Celestine ecological scenery, culture, and leisure destination.

Met, niushou Mt

Niushou MT is the Buddhist mountain in China, cultural heritage, is head of Buddhism Zen Buddhism teaches that open and birthplace. Since ancient times, is the famous Buddhist mountain in niushou Mt, from the southern dynasty to the Tang dynasty temples more than more than 30 seats. “Southern 480 Temple” is the most concentrated in the niushou Mt, “and the cool of Shanxi, Emei in Southwest for the Holy Temple”, is one of the three most prestigious Temple of the Tang dynasty.

Beam into the prison for two years (503) built by observing Xu Du Buddha cave temple was the first Temple in niushou Mt, Lurker changed its name to hongjuesi; the Tang dynasty “niushou Mt pratyekabuddhas had dreams to see” new Tower. The Tang dynasty, known as the “Eastern Xia Zhi Bodhidharma” method of thawing Jackson created the bull’s head in niushou Mt Zen, called “River table Bull” Bull the establishment of Zen India real metamorphosis of Chinese Zen Zen has played an important role as a bridge. Find Nordic into avatar s planet Zhangjiajie the

Met, niushou Mt

“Admission information”

Ticket information:

Full price ticket: 160 Yuan, half-price ticket: RMB 80

Scenic spot ticket time: 8:30-16:30

Half-price ticket application object:

1, 6 (excluding 6)-18 years of age (18 years old) of minors

2? age 60 (60 years old) – 69 years old visitors

3? full-time undergraduate student permit holders and students in education

Free application object:

1? children below 6 years of age, or height 1.4 m

2, visitors aged 70 years of age

3? retired cadres of the old card and one attendant

4? active duty military personnel with valid military ID or soldiers

5? valid disability permit holders

6? niushou Mt area valid card

Met, niushou Mt

June 22-July 22 niushou Mt sixth Jinling liturgy and culture month

During the event ticket information: full price: 80 yuan/person, half price: 40 Yuan/person

Scenic tour: 20 Yuan/person.

All ticket information is available through major online booking in advance can also be purchased directly through the official website: http://www.niushoushan.NET/

Or directly to the manual ticket scenic spot ticket Hall, one side of the Hall there are self-service ticket machines, may direct the machine to buy, online ticket booking site on the machines, in the high season when more people, this way of shopping is very convenient.

Self audio guide rental service at scenic spots, 10 Yuan/Taiwan, 200 Yuan is required as a deposit.

Scenic spots also offer interpretation service in Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, full explanation of costs 160 Yuan/person; s top holy land area to explain costs 95 Yuan/person.

“Traffic information”

Public transportation:

1. metro line S1 “hohai University West Road” station, along the West Road West after exit 15-20 minutes walk or take bus number 154 to niushou Mt sights East station, East entrance near the visitors center.

2.154, 155, 111, 712, 853 to.

Self drive:

1. the Compass:

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed G2-Hurong Expressway G42-Expressway S38-airport – Nanjing high-speed Beltway-Ning Danlu-niushou Mt cultural and tourism district.

2. the direction of Nanjing:

High-speed-Ning Danlu-Beltway niushou Mt scenic or General City Express-Airport Express-Avenue-West Road-scenic spot in niushou Mt.

3. Anhui:

Nanjing, Hefei Cheng-Hu-Shan high speed G40–Ning Danlu-Ning Danlu-high-speed Beltway niushou Mt cultural and tourism district.

4. Zhejiang:

Long Highway (G25)-high speed (S38)-Airport Express-Nanjing high-speed Beltway-Ning Dan Avenue-niushou Mt cultural and tourism district.

Area traffic:

Due to the large scenic area, recommendation is to choose a scenic tour to various attractions.

“The ox”

Recommended hotel: Nanjing TU hsiang Banyan hotel

Address: the first scenic spot of scenic water Street, 1th, adjacent to ox scenic spot.

Phone: 025-84911688,84911808 

Net price: 333

Grace Cheung Bodhi Hotel-Nanjing Hotel is a traditional Buddhist culture. Dominated by Chinese-style decoration design and charming beauty of rooms.

Hotel advocates vegetarianism, Buddhism and traditional Chinese culture, to experience physical and psychological rather the net and let you enjoy the unique beauty of vegetarian dishes. But it is also a public platform, conducts regular health public service studies, philosophy and Zen practice Buddhism and charity, literacy is your meal, tea ceremony, experience, ideal for meditation, to purge the soul.

• Hotel front desk

• Floor lounge

• Lobby Lounge

• Hotel rooms

The room design reflects the hotel’s traditional Buddhist culture-themed elements. Let the man enter the room on a kind of meditation, Zen mood.

• Toilet

▲ In meal restaurant

Vegetarian class part of breakfast.

“Food in the ox”

Niushou Mt area within the restaurant and more.

East entrance of the Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs, a blessing, a kitchen, Si Mite etc

Top: a surname vegetarian, fresh taro, waffle, as well as

There are all kinds of packages, prices are still relatively economic. Vegetarian buffet within the top 50 Yuan/person.

Recommended restaurants:

Au Yuen: au Yuen mists of West entrance pavilion in niushou Mt joy, authentic rural flavor, grilled immortal chicken dishes taste very nice, two years of free-range chicken, with 18 types of herbal medicine after three hours of charcoal pot warm fire-roasted and taste delicious.

The “purchased in the ox”

Ox scenic point on two shopping:

1? East entrance: meet niushou Mt Mall

2, top: initiation of Fame, art, so Outlook, read seven treasures in the South, ox mists Zen tea

“Swimming in the ox”

Featured cruise line:

Classic day trip routes: the first temple square-top-top-top Tower Palace-Zheng Yuan-Lin Lu landscape belt

Play time: 6 hours

Theme of tour:

Liturgy and pilgrimage: the first temple square-top-top-top Tower Palace

Leisure and vacation tour: the first temple square-top-top-top Tower Palace-Lin Lu-hidden Lake

Historical and cultural tours: the first square-top monastery-Zen-seeking paths (anti-gold base, and inscriptions in the Ming dynasty Yue Fei)-top tower-top Gong-Zheng’s cultural Park-hidden Lake

Sightseeing tour: the first temple square-top-top-top Tower Palace-culture Yuan-Bao Hu-Lin Lu Zheng He-hidden Lake

Niushou Mt area is larger, the first phase of construction has been completed, there are some attractions are also in development. No matter which route, the time of day I think enough attractions to discover current has developed well.

But for the area as a whole, core attractions also are top Temple, Buddha, Buddha Tower Palace three, and three is the most popular event attractions.

▲ Top SI

▲ Top

▲ Top Tower

• Ox square. Area in front of the entrance is the ox square.

• Entrance to the stairs is the scenic spot ticket.

“Buddha Temple”

-Top Temple is the first leg of the trip, scenic, 1TH and 2nd tour first stop is.

Buddhist temple is located in suite in niushou Mt South, relic is symbolically the Dharma Sangha Ashram. Tang style, traditional axis pattern. Palace of a total of seven, and Monk Liao, dining hall and other buildings. -Top Temple covers an area of 23731.1 square meters, total construction area of 8104.6 square meters. -Top Temple is functionally divided into Buddha, Dharma, dining hall, a monk’s cell, tea estates in five regions.

Reach the top Temple Station, along the path forward is the Buddhist temple of Zen-seeking.

Buddha top Temple is divided into North-South two a tablets district, South tablets district including tea Yuan district, and Monk Liao district and monastery district, to garden type layout mainly, which monk Liao district is relic guard monks of life regional; beipianqu including prostrating district, and Hong method district, to Palace type layout mainly, overall according to Zen Buddhist temple of Garan seven Hall of business to built, which Hong method district including Hall and Centre, Centre can accommodate 200-300 people Zen repair.

Top in front of the temple, because when it was raining, the scenery is the alternative features, the mist in the mountains in the distance, top Temple falls in Wonderland.

Getting started you’ll see ten statues, called ten Tathagata.

Square both sides of the small Buddha statues on the lawn.

Rank and will see top bronze incense burner in front of the temple, visitors can choose to enter Temple incense.

Meditation, Zen mind.

Door door, a wall in front of thousands of people listen to brick by the most eye-catching.

King Hall

On the stairs, is named after four great heavenly King Hall, positive an image of Maitreya Buddha body is like, because bone relics of Buddha enshrined in the niushou Mt Palace, so for the Maitreya Buddha body, different from his mountain-embodiment for the cloth bag monk. Back dedicated to “three continents induction” custodian of Wei tuo bodhisattva General dressed in suits, to protect the Buddhist Dharma of Bodhisattva. Bao Wei tuo bodhisattva holding a pestle-top temple site, meaning the orders of monks night meals.

Lotus ready before the temple.

Bell and drum tower

King’s Hall Bell Tower, drum tower respectively on both sides. Bell drum, 108 sound the Bell in the morning, singing “the Bell-Ringing Gatha”, pray for peace and prosperity, favorable weather. Melodious Bell cut off people worry about 108. Evening drumming, drum meditation great compassion mantra and the Heart Sutra. Drum warning the world of Fame and fortune.

House of the temple

Garan Temple Garan Buddha, commonly known as long his Holiness, in loyalty of heart rate 18-God-King, from unseen guard in Buddhism. Buddhists must be loyal to the motherland and to all sentient beings.

Patriarch Palace

Patriarch temple worship the cow’s head six Patriarchs, cow head upper four Patriarchs. Façade of ten Patriarchs, on both sides of the square corner land in niushou Mt the God-King; still houses the Yue Gongpeng adult, Yue Fei’s loyalty, niushou Mt victory, recaptured Jiankang Cheng, Yue Fei and the niushou Mt has great karma, is enshrined in the Patriarch Palace facade.

The main hall

King’s Hall is the main hall. “S” for the zunhao of Sakyamuni Buddha, strong compassion means. “Treasures” represent the Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, “Temple” dedicated to Saint place, hence the name “Hall”.

Shakyamuni Buddha Temple is dedicated, in front of an image of two disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha, older for the ascetic one Kassapa Buddha, the first dedicated to smell the first Ananda. Shakyamuni Buddha after Nirvana, Kasyapa, the Ananda two venerable responsible for, a total of 500 Lohans, Sakyamuni said all 49 years assembled is that it is real code.

And Sakyamuni Buddha and two bodhisattvas, first as Manjushri, riding a blue Lion, Manjushri wisdom first. Lion is King of beasts, “the lion is the beast in the cave”, the lion’s roar the King surprised Manjusri of wisdom as powerful as a lion. Ride a white elephant for the bodhisattva, as six teeth, representing six degrees in the Buddhist, bodhisattva vows first: “Fox must trace the elephant King.”

Two bodhisattvas representing wisdom, and willing to fully embody the meaning of Dharma.

On either side are two road outside the main Hall Gallery, tour guide tells us, right out of the temple is typically recover onto, so even if you won’t miss color on either side of the temple.

Kwun Yam Temple

Out of the main hall, on the stairs, is the goddess of Mercy Temple, dedicated to goddess, with 36 arms eyes. Halos and competent human beings of the goddess, thousand-eye Guan Yin in charge of hell beings, Ma Tau Guanyin competent animal. This 36-arm eyes, symbolizing the power equivalent to 36, a statue of Buddha and bodhisattvas are a symbol of power. -Top Temple Guanyin Palace for the women confessing Church, “confession” of the popular term, is to reflect on their own faults. Family daily repentance, Confucian saying: I reflect on oneself three times. To know Guanyin Buddha, reciting of the universal door chapter.

Apothecary House

Temple of the goddess of Mercy Temple is the pharmacist. Pharmacist’s House of Medicine Buddha, full name for pharmacist glass light Tathagata. One of the pharmacists, for Buddhism main books, the monastery monks often read “Southern disaster-free life extension Medicine Buddha”. Want disaster, health, please read the pharmacist Sutra. Top pharmacist Hall as the temple men confessing Church.

FA Hall

Top-top temple for Church, teachings of the Dharma Hall. The Tripitaka, various, legal, monk on the classic storage this, hence the name method of Fame.

FA Hall outside the ground with “birds figure in its” biography of the eminent monk of the Tang dynasty by melt records: method into master in practice after the enlightenment in niushou Mt, mountain birds mouth in flower provide for Jackson, with birds carrying flowers and their stories. Carved Tiger friend FA Hall left the ground, all kinds of animals in the mountains blend with the law Jackson is a friend to protect Jackson.

Top green inside, is the country’s top garden design expert, four seasons full of flowers and trees, Zen, dry landscape around the temple. -Top Temple reconstruction of traditional architecture and gardens in ancient style, is a beautiful landscape of cultural tourism in niushou Mt.

Japan style and the perfect combination of Chinese gardens.


▲ Top holy land

Located on the cover

• Worry-free Plaza

-Top Palace belongs to the pit building, 220 m long, width 160 m, overall height of 89.3 m single construction area of 136,000 square meters. -Top Palace architecture with support for themes, outer space is divided into large dome and a small dome in two parts, the implication for external support and internal support. Top House inside space is divided into nine floors, three floors above the ground, ground floor layer, is relic Temple and relic hidden in the underground Palace.

Located on the cover

Top house building to provide the theme, size dome is divided into two parts, the implications for external support and internal support, great dome is 120 metres in length, shaped like Buddha’s robes, and ox Suite echo, covering the smaller domes above the underground Palace, a symbol of boundless blessings of the Buddha. Small dome like a hair of the Buddha, hands together and a single style, meaning thousands of believers to Buddha’s support.

Small dome base for styling Lotus throne, the entire Lotus throne consists of a symbol of Buddha’s infinite wisdom Bodhi in the 56-seat flying, as well as a symbol of good luck consists of 56 pillar of Cloud Gate, combined with small domed Moni, forming the “Lotus hold treasures,” the sacred image.

Enter-top House, need to change shoes, lighters must not take into the Palace. Before entering the Grand Zen mirror can enjoy 31 wall carved on the walls, 15 Chinese temple, 8 red, 4 Jin Diantu.

Zen Grand

Zen Grand, located in the top 6. North of 112 meters, 62 meters wide, total construction height of 46.5 metres internal height of about 38 (41.2) m, space area of more than 6000 square meters, the oval. Newsline is the core of Zen Buddhist culture, consists of three parts, the Buddha-born Zen Garden, Zen Garden and the middle of the road the Lotus theater, common manifestations of the Buddha’s life story. Along the footprints of Buddha’s practice, and make people realize Buddhahood by Sakyamuni people wonder.

Walked into the Grand view of Zen, the moment is this large Lotus Opera smitten with the gorgeous landscape of space.

Lotus flower in the middle of the stage such as Lotus Theatre is a creative and innovative mega-original mechanical stage, a huge Lotus flower shape and magnificent momentum-top Palace complement each other.

Buddha wall, marble Lotus patterns, giant reclining Buddha and other décor embodies the strong Buddhist culture everywhere.

The left and right sides of the stage there are a tree, left for worry-free trees, the right for the a bodhi tree.

Zen Grand to create works of art as a whole, not just ornamental, more experience. Cultural tourism area in niushou Mt 51 such as Lotus Theatre was officially opened during the may day holiday, to offer tourists extraordinary beautiful Ode to Dunhuang classical dancing like Marilyn.

Every day there are four performances: 10:00 11:30 13:30 15:00  

Divided into three parts:

Part one: around the Buddha blessing ceremony

Part II: Ode to the dance such as Marilyn

Part III: the flowers ceremony


Part one: around the Buddha blessing ceremony

Around the Buddha-qualities, holding a Lotus lantern or hands follow heart Lotus messengers a week around the Buddha, pray for the family, auspiciousness a success.

Many tourists around with Angel as the heart Lotus Buddha bless.

Part II: Ode to the dance such as Marilyn

Time, sound and light electric, seven flying jiyue, skirt fluttering, Ribbon and fly, dancing shadows, as if from a distant Buddha knee jumping to lead everyone in the world a taste of mystery and everyone has the first Grand Zen.

Part III: the flowers ceremony

Despite troubles, sincere, she resigned herself to Lotus lantern in hand, Angel youxinlian to lead the prayers, flowers offerings, Sakyamuni Buddha.

Seven dancers take the elevator down, reclining Buddha from center stage is slowly rising, tourists began holding a Lotus lantern, sincere prostrating.

The whole show was just more than 10 minutes, but it was a Visual and spiritual victory feast.

View out the Ode to Marilyn can either manually by the rain leaves the elevator to the basement shrine hall. Clouds around the escalator highlights patterns and factors associated with Buddha.

Beautifully carved cloud pattern and chic.

Down the stairs, view the whole is made up of small Buddha wall, the scene is very spectacular

Thousand Buddha Hall

Thousand Buddha Hall in red, yellow and dark gold color, thousand Buddha Hall of space as a whole is dome-shaped, flat oval, thousand Buddha Buddha lounge in the outer ring, wanfo Hall includes three layers in space.

Thousand Hall in accordance with China hid world of five five Buddha to layout, to representative diamond territories big day Tathagata of relic St Tower for Center, coupled with St Tower Shang of four paramita bodhisattva, and symmetric Yu ring Gallery around of Quartet Buddha, and Hui door 16 statue bodhisattva, and four photo bodhisattva and eight both inside and outside dependent bodhisattva, stereo rendering has Buddhist key cases diamond territories mandala IV dependent will of sacred scene.

Thousand Buddha Hall worship Buddha’s parietal bone is the most conspicuous relic of the Centre of Santa. 21.8 m high tower, modeling based on the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing Golden Qi Bao Yu Wang Ta styling, image upside down in the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang mountain Meru central column, a symbol of pure, solemn avatamsaka. Crystal Santa here are nine-story Buddha,

Godliness traced to niushou Mt, bow down to the thousand Buddha Hall. Pious hearts that moved people.

The Hall magnificence, magnificent and Grand, let them sigh.

Main halls above the oval Buddha eyes, illuminate the world.

Above the thousand Buddha Hall is five Buddhas and other small terra.

WAN FO Gallery

Wanfo Hall consists of three, four or five layers. Third-level, underground focus of Chinese Buddhist culture, there are two Scripture horripilation, corridors and 16 paintings on silk painting. Fourth basement level to show India Buddhist culture, there are 20 various days the ring corridor, as well as seven India Buddhism story painting. Entering the underground into five levels, with its theme of Buddha relic culture, including display Buddhist relic culture multimedia videos, ten hen robbed 16, porcelain painting, as well as eight large stupa and related physical display.

Relic hidden Palace

Relics of Tibetan House on the ground floor of 44 metres. Tibetan Palace belonging to religious sites in Central region, known as the hidden Palace Basilica, Buddha’s parietal Bone Relic will be enshrined inside Palace Basilica for a long time. Relics of Tibetan Gong to dark tones create a solemn, mysterious atmosphere. Corridor 66 meters long, according to liuboluomi’s feed content layouts, six behaviors of the six Paramitas are bodhisattvas, respectively the precepts, generosity, patience, diligence, meditation and wisdom.

Relic hidden Palace can not be photographed, Buddha’s parietal bone relic.

Relics of Jinling reservoir Palace Museum, which is to show the song “white turtle pool” bar, the Song dynasty stone seated Buddha with Lotus seat, hongjuesi Tower Palace built in the Ming dynasty … … Unveiled a batch of precious cultural relics Exhibition Hall, where visitors in addition to bringing the Buddha relic, further niushou Mt deep historical and cultural heritage.


Top Tower, tower height of 88 meters, area 4677 square meters, nine four, is a Tang dynasty-style architecture, top is top of the tower one of the Celestine landmarks.

Top Tower eighth floor placed a bronze-top diamond clock, clock engraved with takasuke Mage written text of the Sutra.

Nineth floor Buddha Temple a Pilu covered the Buddha sitting Buddha. Tower view, overlooking the niushou Mt panorama.

Top towers, panorama view ox. The scenery is very fresh after the rain.

Mountain Mist, the entire top scenic spot such as Wonderland.

Panoramic view of the tower you can see the entire top, vaguely can also be seen in the distance of the city’s high-rises, form a sea Mirage landscape.

Bent circle mountain road, as if such as track-like.

Standing high, the whole world view.

The entire field is very broad, suggest visitors to niushou Mt top on tower above the landscape is breathtaking.

“Zheng’s cultural Park”

Zheng and cultural Park, the famous Ming dynasty navigator Zheng He’s Tomb. Zheng He’s called horse, nickname three, was born in a Muslim family in Yunnan province, Army Deputy Commander followed the conquests of Yunnan of the Ming dynasty Hongwu 14 years blue jade came to Nanjing, to Zhu Diyan Palace, followed by Zhu di, “Jing-change” under neutral outstanding exploits was promoted within the Palace prison and the eunuchs, Emperor Zhu di Imperial “Cheng” character name-horse and, known as Zheng He. Dr LO Wing-Lok three-year drive for eight years, Zheng He’s seven voyages, jeopardy, cultural exchange with the coastal States, establish diplomatic relations and promote friendship, open the Silk Road on the sea, completed the greatest feat in human history, became the world’s first intercontinental Voyager.

Enter the tomb of Zheng He’s cultural Museum, saw in the garden is a statue of Zheng He. Little Gallery, the main exhibition and presentation of Zheng He’s historical artifacts and stories. Voyages is the largest in ancient China, ships up to, most seafarers, the longest sea voyage, sailing time is earlier than in European countries for more than half a century, is a powerful embodiment of the Ming dynasty.

Located within the exhibition right in the garden of a House, introduced before Zheng and all the stories and all of his assessment.

Gallery Walk is Zheng He’s tomb is located on the right side. In the niushou Mt South, Islamic-style building of the Tomb, tomb-shaped glyphs, North-South, is now listed as a Jiangsu provincial cultural relics protection unit.

Ma Hama, the father of Zheng He, known Maha, locals thought that Zheng’s original surname, it is called “horse back”. Graves mountain, also known as the “back mountain”. Kuang of the tomb is rectangular, about 150 meters long, 60 meters wide, the top 8 metres high, there are four steps in front of the Tomb Group 7-28 level, meaning the Zheng He’s seven voyages, 28 years and visited more than 40 countries and regions. Cover lower part carved cloud leaves of Lotus, Bluestone Tomb Tower cover at the top, engraved in Arabic “taisimiye”.

In November 2012, Zheng He’s Tomb as one of China’s Maritime Silk Road project heritage sites, inscribed on the world heritage tentative list, according to the schedule, completed in 2015 declared a world heritage site preparations in 2016, to the consideration by the General Assembly of the world heritage.

“The conclusion”

Buddha said: if fate, time and space are not distance, who are seen and met the bull, we are gathered here, in practice while you travel together, meets me at my new, meet unknown niushou Mt.

Buddha in the past


Let no one cartridge replace human how do Americans do this automatic warehouse

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention) by writer Frank, master of engineering, University of Pennsylvania, is now a United States logistics industry, focusing on modern warehouse, automated warehousing equipment, logistics system optimization design based on data. This is Lei Feng a net is exclusive to the first.

Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?

Labor costs higher as a logistics warehouse was hit in the rear area, so no silo can really save it? Jingdong unmanned bunker first video (click to watch)

If you see the above video, the first reaction must be cool! Yes, as the level of technological development, in particular in automation and control, more and more of the warehouse began to use machines to replace human. There are more and more people began to consider the concept of a new, unmanned positions.

Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?

No cartridge, by definition, do not need human warehouses. Generally speaking, people in accordance with the processes in the warehouse is divided into categories:

Discharge (inbound trucks)-> stock (shelf)-> delivery (orders)-> sorting (boxed)-> label (list of items + shipping address)-> load (outbound trucks).

So many processes, so many artificial, can really do not rely on human purely rely on machines to do it? This article, we will be based on some real-world data, from a technical and practical point of view to discuss United States existing automatic warehouse system and the feasibility of unmanned positions, provides the reader with a rational analysis perspective.

To be honest, in recent years, the United States really less traditional warehouses, most of them have been modernized, or are preparing to update. Large enterprises in particular, need to do dozens of k-order, simply manually it would be too expensive.

For chestnut, simple for everyone to see, before the author went to Urban Outfitter’s warehouse in Pennsylvania, about 2 hours drive from Philadelphia. Urban Outfitter five brands, namesake, Anthropologie, Free People,Terrain,and BHLDN. 400 retail stores around the world, 1400 dealership, as well as electric parts. Pennsylvania warehouse is responsible for logistics and supply of the three brands, each brand a layer of shelf, 3 floors, pickup people walking each layer, each layer is 1.5 km in length. About 100 workers every day to take delivery (simply take delivery of this part). United States General warehouse worker 35k a year salary, paid 3.5 million dollars a year! And this is a day shift, two shifts have to double.

In addition, seasonality (seasonal) is another question, wait until Thanksgiving (Chinese double-11) when orders usually 3-6 times 3-6 times pick up the link to the corresponding manual. More hate most of the warehouse is together (policy-oriented or geographical reasons), wait until the holiday season everyone is fighting for labour. One customer told me, their town population has reached its limits, not hire the people, also pulled a lot of ads last year to prevent too many orders.

Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?

Figure 1 Hebron KY, this small town is the major brand logistics warehouse, population less than supporting warehouse workers demand. Brands include Amazon,Toyota, Speedway, Kroger

Another aspect is the United States many enterprise’s e-commerce system is fairly mature. E-commerce order is very special, there are basically three major characteristics: large, small combinations. Every day there are many orders, but each order one or two things, but this thing could be various combinations of: you buy a piece of SOAP and cleanser, I buy SOAP and chocolate, and much more. Warehouse worker before moving things, spend half a minute walk, moving boxes, now also went over half a minute, take a, take half a minute to go to the warehouse to get another at the other end, too inefficient. And if a wide range of items, shelves longer and higher (such as Urban Outfitter’s 1.5 km), with an average delivery time up to 90 seconds.

Therefore, high labor costs and under mature e-commerce system on the basis of the premise and the rapid development of science and technology, United States using the great technological invention has a variety of automated warehousing systems:

ASRS automatic storage of the first generation: Ted Baker note 3 covers

Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?


Ted Baker note 3 cases

This is the most simple system first, a crane in the middle (the Chinese seem to be stacking machine), you can move back and forth, the buffer can be moved up and down in the Middle, so that one can get all of the boxes. East of Beijing is also used in the video, is now more popular in China.

But the drawback is obvious, very slowly. Take one box at a time, with many such crane orders and how many columns to finish my day 50k times the throughput of 2 items? In the United States, this early generation of automation equipment have been abandoned by most enterprises, only some of the speed is not high, but very high corporate standards for weight (such as car large parts).

Second generation ASRS automated storage:

Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?
Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?

Shuttle system represented by Dematic, shuttle bus.

Each car is running in this business, you can take the box out, and sent to the front of the system, to transmit on the ladder, transmitting ladder sent to the conveyor belt. All of Figure 2 you can see more clearly the principle of operation of this system. Why this system is better than the first? Because the system + double speed by up to 10 times at once, if much more, you will have more of the shuttle, the corresponding time will get shorter.

This is the United States is popular systems, technology is quite mature, many large companies are doing and prices, market space left. But the system has problems, is the throughput bottleneck is delivery outside staircase. In other words, if the elevator speed is 1000 cases per hour, then the car faster throughput is 1000 boxes. Unfortunately elevators up and down again, also with unloading the box box throughput up to 300, good … … So clever of United States technology companies developed the third generation system.

Third-generation ASRS automated storage: Ted Baker note 3 cases

Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?
Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?


This system is called Perfect Pick, from the outside can not see how bad, stick a figure to explain:

Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?

This picture is a profile, white was placed in the middle of the box, both before and after, blue is the car. The system’s biggest innovation is that each car can go up or down left to right, you can get anywhere in the system. Unlike the first generation only one at a time, is not as tied down the line on which the second generation car, greatly increased the degree of freedom. So, if we are from the Picker’s perspective, that’s it:

Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?


A bunch of cars carrying something waiting for you. You don’t have any time to waste, don’t need no walking without waiting for the throughput much encyclopedia to see how fast you can get. If you 3 seconds to take a 1 second car transfer, your throughput is 3600/(3+1) =900 per hour, if you can get a 1 second, the throughput is 1800 … … This is a column on the first picture there are 10 columns, multiplied by the workers to work 10 hours a day, relax on tens of thousands of seconds to kill any other system.

However, where is the bottleneck in the system? People.

People are tired, people stretched, when supervision is not lazy, average 4 seconds a day can take an already good employees … … What to do? Machines changed … … Back to the beginning of the problem, the answer is Yes.

Since in reality need a change, economic change, why not change it? It raises another issue, the manipulator. Now United States there are two main arms, suction-cup and gripper type:

Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?
Let no one cartridge replace human, how do Americans do this automatic warehouse?


Ability to both arms now are not enough, suction-cup can handle multiple products, but limited, 5 pounds is the limit. Gripper-holding heavy objects, but on the regularity of shape and surface very high requirements. In addition, the two arms have a common problem is image recognition. The point object may be placed in the box, how can I find the point of extraction is a huge problem, recently, many companies have begun using artificial intelligence algorithms, deep learning, which seems to be progress soon.

We believe that in the near future, most of the manpower will be replaced by automatic equipment, not just because it’s cool, more because it’s faster, more accurate, more money. Although it is not known to the warehouse workers is good news or bad news, but the wheels of history should not stay.

Finally hope to show is that these systems are not cheap, and in the United States under such high artificial birth, ROI in 3 years or so. If in China, 1/6 of manual payroll does not necessarily hold (18/ROI believes no CEO investment), so may people find at last count cost cheaper. Behind any business decision, but it is still a question of return on investment.

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