With this camera handles iPhone second retro camera

Although the camera phone is very convenient, but essentially, is a technical compromise. Who doesn’t want a SLR-class picture quality, more comfortable operation feeling it?

Thus, various add-ins designed for the mobile phone camera appears, but it does not seem to be too cold, little trouble to use. By contrast, improve feel for the camera casing seems to be a better, such as Pictar, it received nearly 3,000 on the Kickstarter-funded, amounted to about $320,000.

Pictar is a photo designed specifically for iPhone 6/6s/6p/6sp case, theoretically supported iPhone 7 series. Slide insert phones automatically via a Bluetooth connection, which is very convenient.

Moschino iPhone 6 plus cover

Pictar design closer to vintage cameras, highlighting the handle will no doubt provide a better sense of control and feel better-integrated electronic shutter speed, two wheel, wheel customizable features, combined with its photo application can achieve ISO, Flash, digital zoom, picture mode parameter adjustment.

Pictar also designed on top of the Flash interface, has a standard tripod mount on the bottom, you can easily connect a variety of accessories, to let you enjoy experience more flexible,.

Pictar shell, you can also attach lanyard, fixed on the wrist when taking photos, obviously more secure than holding naked slick iPhone. Moschino iPhone 6 plus cover

Pictar Cr battery power, can achieve a 4-6 months of battery life, and is also very convenient to replace. 64 grams of weight, basically will not bring too much burden, more photos feel improvement. iPhone 6 plus Moschino

Pictar is “lazy bird specials” $75 (about 506), packages containing mobile phone cover, wrist strap and soft bag, will start shipping in November.


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