Small stickers post 2017 schedule of Oh

Small stickers, post 2017 schedule of Oh!

At the end of 2016, did you like unusual, like, into writing the year-end report of thinking?

Well, in fact, except for long years, nor what to summarize, don’t love record love rare gentleman, even 2016, it is largely a blank. iPhone 5 Ted Baker case

So recording is still very important, those sins, do dream … … Always a document for their own life, and feel no white busy.

Well, first of all, we have a recording tool.

Today, the love of great surprise to recommend this sticker, cheap and easy use with blank notebook, you can post a trip log.


Each set of stickers were divided into two groups, one volume to date, one volume for the week.

In addition, the sticker style divided into vertical and horizontal version, is particularly commendable version, has posted a white space users have many choices, you can patch it love bean photos, or you can write a few words of chicken soup … …

This sticker from Japan stationery manufacturers launched ICCO Nico, I just went to the official online store for a while, show sold out!!! However, should replenishment. Interested, can go to the official website, can also be based on this line of thinking on their own transformation. Ted Baker iPhone 5


Ted Baker iPhone 5


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