Flying butt had an accident landed on his head hitting the ground

Airlander 10 largest aircraft in North London, a second test flight on Wednesday, while in the air after 1.5 hours of flight for a landing, fuselage out of balance, the cockpit was destroyed, but no one was hurt.

One witness said: “hung on a line and put the plane into the towers, and then the plane landed, the accident occurred. ”

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Airlander10 manufacturer of hybrid air airships of companies (Hybrid Air Vehicles,HAV) said in a statement: “the Airlander suffered a heavy landing, formerly known as the cockpit has a certain degree of damage, and we are currently assessing the damage situation. “But the company did not explain the reason for the accident. Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

This was dubbed “flying butt” Airlander 10 in its first test flight last week, also did not go smoothly. First of all, due to technical problems, first flight was delayed for 3 days, and then took off for the day was delayed for a few hours, the planned 90-minute flight, the last only 20 minutes.

Airlander 10 long and 92 metres, width of 44 meters high, 26 m, weight up to 10,000 kg. Shape larger than the Airbus A380 is the world’s largest aircraft. Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

Airlander 10, initially a United States military project, followed by United States military tide cuts sold in 2013 to HAV company, HAV stopped later due to lack of development of the company, and moored at Bell Ford County. 2015 through the United Kingdom authorities funded and HAV all the chips, renovation continues.


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