Intelligent zero pause Gemini X4V2 two flight control retail unmanned aerial

On May 30, the intelligent zero official said in a statement that the drone aircraft warning, with immediate effect suspend “Gemini”, “X4V2” two flight control products retail. But have signed contracts of non-users are not affected, while still providing users with service.

Flawless cases

Referred to in this bulletin refers to the threats for unmanned aircraft, the evening of May 28 unmanned aerial vehicles into the Chengdu airport runways closed for 80 minutes. According to media reports, at 18 before 20 o’clock, air traffic control tower in the drone operations are spotted on radar, flight altitude and flight line and decided to immediately close the East runway, until 19:40, radar drones have disappeared, and decided to resume the operation of the runway, flights normal taking off and landing. Chengdu airport for the first time this has happened due to UAV events affecting flights taking off and landing normally, leading to cancelled East runway closed for 80 minutes, directly causing 55 flights taking off and landing normally, causing widespread public debate.

Of course, this serious consequences are caused, not intelligent zero drone, but intelligent zero in order to further ensure the safety of users and the general public, from now on pause “Gemini”, “X4V2” two flight control products retail.

Sounds very strong argument, but disrupted passenger flights by drones was not happening for the first time, and some analysts believe the cause of the accident could not be smaller consumer drones, because no one needs to be at a height of 1000 m above for 1 hour, and the small consumer drones generally only at a height of 500 m the following flying for more than 20 minutes. So why intelligent zero choose to pause at this moment, “Gemini”, “X4V2” two flight control products retail. Flawless i6 case

Know user Cui Yu defends:

“Tightening now no access to confidential electronic fence much cloud, it is estimated that old zero flight control hardware and software is not compatible with the current policy, so I had to change, but the two flight control for so many years and should be replaced. DJI flight control has a new zero fly control product now has overall behind, not new products cannot be justified. ”

Founder of UAV:

“I think has several aspects reasons: 1) due to zero behind capital of intervention and requirements, they has put more of energy put in has consumption level no machine Shang, fly control of Diego generation speed slow; 2) currently focused fly control of company has highlights, competition regional fierce, and do of more designed, has better of service; 3) due to zero fly control aspects of sale Hou no many people of layout, so also fear appeared accident or caused sale Hou of disputes. ”

From the above analysis, we can draw three key points: flight control systems have set the no fly zone domain electronic fencing, groundwork for the new launched flight control, make a transition consumer drone.

Zero said Yang Jianjun, Lei Feng network, intelligent control, “Gemini”, “X4V2” airport flight ban function of electronic fences, but with the popularity of UAVs, steady stream of DIY businesses to become whole, even has a great machine, and many users of the drone is not as intuitive picture of the car.

And for new of fly control when launched, Yang Jianjun, said should will in recently, but new of fly control also not became zero wisdom control main push of products, “now fly control separate do a products sales has not the home of focus has, because regardless of is used to do industry application also is used to do security, actually are is moving machine of trend development, fly control has not exists too big of market has. ”

Flight control is not the saying there is too much market, founder of one drone had different views, he said unmanned aerial vehicle flight control growth trend is quite obvious, many people focus on the integration and services, freeing up components of the market clearly is growing.

“Xinjiang used to be the main supplier, but provides a generic controller; now many companies can be customized for industries, more in line with the industry habit, so I got a lot of incremental market and inclination to swallow some stock markets. Controllers currently there, fly to intelligent control, the extension works, wings, flying, zero. Open source of fly control Lane has many years, but actually regardless of is consumption level market also is commercial level market are in was gradually eliminated, big Xinjiang, and zero, now do of compared good of consumption level, are is years itself technology of accumulated, commercial application more is difficult find open source fly control of figure, only is short with price spell about, had a time on over has. ”

Currently sell on Taobao best flight control or the APM, PIXhawk, open source flight control, mainly cheap, just hundreds of Yuan and tens of thousands of Xinjiang, zero flight control occupies very small sales volume. Unmanned aerial vehicle components as Qi Juntong said continued growth in the market, but for intelligent zero, rather than seize the small market changes, might as well put all of their energy on consumer-level drone on the machine. On the day the announcement, intelligent zero pocket camera drones landing Dobby Taobao raised, this is intelligent zero was established 9 years launched the first consumer-level drone, in the professional aerial after the market lost to Xinjiang, intelligent zero obviously will do everything to catch has not been powerful camera drones of Xinjiang to encroach on the market.

And unmanned aerial vehicle components market, there will be more people quit, leaving one or two longtouch, there are more people to join, forming another kind of competitive situation, Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention) will continue to focus on. Flawless cases


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