How to calibrate color screen

How to calibrate color screen

Color of current mobile devices vary widely, in our testing, almost every phone has a different color, let alone different brands of a product’s color varies, along with the generation of the color temperature of the screen of the iPhone is not the same, not to mention the AMOLED screen. If is computer monitors that touch solution can be set by software or its control panel. That screen line do?

MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

Brush the kernel color MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although this phone screen color is quite beautiful, but the screen color is often yellow, white in the picture will turn yellow, girlie girls will turn into yellow, many people in the beginning will be unable to adapt, even impulse to sell mobile phones. But moving to a mobile phone is not cheap. But Franco Galaxy Nexus is available through the brush in the kernel, and combined with kernel tuning software to adjust the color temperature of the screen, so as to achieve improved results. Because every phone line of the screen is different, so the adjusted value of yourself naked to try.

How to calibrate color screen

But not every phone has to note here correspond to the kernel, so it may not necessarily be able to use this method to modify the kernel, but, like Samsung, manufacturers and some of the more famous products is generally a corresponding kernel. Other ROM also comes with a color matching software, so these will be relatively easy.


With the Rom

CMrom is to bring color tool, you can use this to adjust the color temperature of the screen. Also, as with kernel-color brush, not all mobile phones support color ROM. MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

How to calibrate color screen

Screen Adjuster

If you think kernel-color brush is more trouble, there’s a simpler method, you can use the Screen of the Adjuster to adjust the screen color. Of course, first of all, download Screen Adjuster software.

How to calibrate color screen

After entering the software we can see Red (red), Green (green), Blue (blue) by adjusting the three colors value, we can calibrate the screen color. Starting color before the first click on the Adjuster OFF the button to open the color correction. Good color start, such as the yellow screen, we increase the Blue value. If the screen is green, you can increase the value of Red. Principle is what color, we add its complementary color.

How to calibrate color screen

Although this software is relatively simple, but this software has a serious problem, that is he is going to occupy your system resources affect the smoothness of the system, so if it’s not too severe to the point that you cannot afford, suggest or do not use it.


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