Commuter products Sony SBH 80 demo


Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 (supports two devices simultaneously connected), the NFC;

6mm moving-coil unit (website data is 5.8mm);

Frequency response range: 10~20000Hz;

Maximum sound pressure level (@1kHz): 100dB

Dual MEMS microphones

Battery capacity: 125mAh;

The longest standby time: up to 650 hours;

The longest talk time: 9 hours;

Longer music playback time: up to 6 hours;

AptX audio enhancement technology, HD voice technology;

Volume adjustment buttons, track the toggle button, play pause button, call answering buttons;

Built-in vibrator.


Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo
Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo
Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo

Family, the SBH80 comes with 3 sets of different sizes of earbuds.

Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo

Sony LOGO on the subject as well as NFC logo, built-in vibration motors, there is an incoming call vibration alert the user.

Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo

Power switch and USB charging port is located in the bottom of the main body, because SBH80 is spill-proof design, interface with rubber cover, but note that SBH80 does not soak into the water, and on this point Sony also has stated on its Web page.

Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo

SBH80 two-wire, a total of 6 buttons and 2 microphones, line control and the subjects are connected with flexible rubber.

Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo
Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo

6mm moving-coil unit cavity using the fully enclosed design (based on the vocal characteristics of moving-coil unit is still opened a very small vent holes), the covers can be replaced as necessary.

Wear, operation and sense of hearing:

Thanks to the fully enclosed design, excellent SBH80 insulation, let users in noisy environments (such as transport) freely to enjoy music or making a call, but because the earbuds silicone material is hard, wear SBH80 when walking or running will have a very clear steps. VR Shinecon virtual reality glasses

SBH80 of total weight for 15.8g, very lightweight, than up General of Bluetooth headphones, around neck type of design also not need clip in user of clothes Shang, this is very convenient, but initial using need spent some time adapted its press layout, and SBH80 of press feel very bad, small and hard just while, very poor of press feedback sometimes also on using caused serious of effect.

Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo

In terms of sound, we use Sony NWZ-ZX1 SBH80 audition, audition tracks are as follows:

Celine Dion 《The Power of Love》、《Have You Ever Been in Love》

Michael Jackson 《Beat It》、《Billie Jean》

Eason Chan of the cloudy happiness

Kondo Naohiko song of evening glow け の (Japanese version of the only in my heart)

Jade reset Endo of the かないで (the autumn thick, the Canto Japanese original)

SBH80 at first gave me the feeling is very heavy, pay attention to the amount of low frequency, low quality and high frequency by the brighten very unnatural, the overall sound is one of the two prominent, SAG in the Middle, fully enclosed cavity design, overall there will be a significant “stuffy” feeling. VR Shinecon virtual reality headset

Also, SBH80 of analytical force also General, can provides of information limited, and due to tuning of orientation problem, in listening to popular music of when, accompaniment of taste is heavy, but vocals floating, not stability, while voice also enough clean, although vocals and accompaniment of separation degrees is good, but this is advantages completely not can make up because tuning by led to of overall listening to sense MSG taste serious.

In addition, SBH80 also generally for voice control, in Celine Dion’s songs and Eason Chan, this shortcoming is magnified in the cloudy day happier, vocals not only smooth enough, grainy serious.

VR Shinecon virtual reality glasses

Compared to other tracks, listen to MJ’s two tracks would have a good performance, SBH80 hypertrophy of the low frequencies can be a very good background rhythm, vocal shortcomings can beat it, makes me think SBH80 is this song in tune for the mixer track.

Commuter products Sony SBH-80 demo

Relative to the music of poor, SBH80, when you call the performance was very good, closed cavity very good sound insulation, and voice quality is clear, dual microphones pick up sound is also very good, stable Bluetooth connection.

Charging and battery life:

SBH80 packaging does not offer a power adapter, only contains a single MicroUSB data cable for charging purposes, if it is plugged into the desktop charging on the USB interface, 125 mAh battery can be fully charged in just more than 10 minutes, If using intelligent phone by match of power adapter (1.5A output), charging speed faster, and full electric zhihou SBH80 of range quite to force, on daily commuter (daily listening to music 2 hours, phone 1 hours, during not shut machine) using, can insisted 2-3 days of range, although this results looks not is excellent, but consider to lightweight of fuselage and smaller of battery capacity, this results also is can was satisfaction of.


SBH80 shape light, good workmanship, excellent noise performance can make it easy for users in a noisy environment, is a good companion when commuting to and from work, lightweight body, good sound insulation, to use NFC to easily and smart phone, tablet or a Player connection, spill-proof functions are SBH80 of highlights.

As paper in the mentioned of “footsteps sound” problem, can through for with more soft of silicone sets or sponge sets for solution, SBH80 real of shortcomings is tuning of bias sex too serious, applies of music type too less, for listening to sound orientation compared miscellaneous of people for too leaning branch, on voice of dyeing also compared too, led to its enough resistance listening to, long time using zhihou easy tired.

In addition, the buttons feel too SBH80 an obvious drawback, although 80 provided enough control buttons, but these buttons are too small and too hard, so I’d rather phone to operate.

SBH80 current market prices ranging from 450 to 550 Yuan, compared with the official price of RMB 899 has a great drop, for people who need a lightweight easy to use phone-Bluetooth headset, it is a good choice, but if the main purpose is to enjoy music, is not to think about it.


How to calibrate color screen

How to calibrate color screen

Color of current mobile devices vary widely, in our testing, almost every phone has a different color, let alone different brands of a product’s color varies, along with the generation of the color temperature of the screen of the iPhone is not the same, not to mention the AMOLED screen. If is computer monitors that touch solution can be set by software or its control panel. That screen line do?

MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

Brush the kernel color MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although this phone screen color is quite beautiful, but the screen color is often yellow, white in the picture will turn yellow, girlie girls will turn into yellow, many people in the beginning will be unable to adapt, even impulse to sell mobile phones. But moving to a mobile phone is not cheap. But Franco Galaxy Nexus is available through the brush in the kernel, and combined with kernel tuning software to adjust the color temperature of the screen, so as to achieve improved results. Because every phone line of the screen is different, so the adjusted value of yourself naked to try.

How to calibrate color screen

But not every phone has to note here correspond to the kernel, so it may not necessarily be able to use this method to modify the kernel, but, like Samsung, manufacturers and some of the more famous products is generally a corresponding kernel. Other ROM also comes with a color matching software, so these will be relatively easy.


With the Rom

CMrom is to bring color tool, you can use this to adjust the color temperature of the screen. Also, as with kernel-color brush, not all mobile phones support color ROM. MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

How to calibrate color screen

Screen Adjuster

If you think kernel-color brush is more trouble, there’s a simpler method, you can use the Screen of the Adjuster to adjust the screen color. Of course, first of all, download Screen Adjuster software.

How to calibrate color screen

After entering the software we can see Red (red), Green (green), Blue (blue) by adjusting the three colors value, we can calibrate the screen color. Starting color before the first click on the Adjuster OFF the button to open the color correction. Good color start, such as the yellow screen, we increase the Blue value. If the screen is green, you can increase the value of Red. Principle is what color, we add its complementary color.

How to calibrate color screen

Although this software is relatively simple, but this software has a serious problem, that is he is going to occupy your system resources affect the smoothness of the system, so if it’s not too severe to the point that you cannot afford, suggest or do not use it.


Huang Jiangji AIR 017 millet big data is a prerequisite for artificial

Huang Jiangji AIR 017 丨 millet: big data is a prerequisite for artificial intelligence

In today’s Global Summit on artificial intelligence and robotics, xiaomi co-founder Huang Jiangji (KK), with the introduction of intelligent home devices series of millet, millet on the development of artificial intelligence-sharing methodology.

Most industry insiders believe, success in artificial intelligence data, and Huang Jiangji think that artificial intelligence can not develop without these three premises: products + data + machine learning.

First of all, machine learning and data is not highly active products, these products include software and similar such as bracelets, televisions, boxes, network devices, and smart home smart hardware. Huang Jiangji mentioned that the phone has 20 million MIUI user, of which 8 day Active 10 million applications, while over 1 million 17. The promotion data and machine learning to lay a good foundation.

When highly active products when landing, it will generate a large amount of data, and the establishment of high quality data, data acquisition, data cleansing, data mining, data intelligence, ways to achieve. We know that any data is a service, so building the user picture is particularly important for everyone. Millet portrait for established users to collect various scenarios, as well as fragments of time data, data amounted to a total of 200TB.

In addition, Huang Jiangji said that they understand the needs of users by search, featured, guide, manual operation mode. Huang Jiangji was last proposed the following two questions:

Hermes iPhone 6 leather case

Millet is the most intelligent do you think what the product is?

Huang Jiangji: you asked a public of KK words, I will told you we of products are is intelligent of has, if you asked has closed of KK words, I will told you no a products really of do and simple, even is without you of intervention it on can put things do have extreme, this somewhat demanding, if you asked we intelligent of degrees do have highest of, undoubtedly is we of phone. I not know everyone know not know millet of development mode, you buy has millet phone zhihou we basically of system is weekly are upgrade once, from 5 years Qian began first paragraph phone to today we basically each one week update once, inside of all of update most needs is from user of, is we weekly actually is can let they told we this week update he meet of Qian three sample things is what, also told we he not satisfaction of is rotten of Qian three sample things is what, weekly to we vote, We do mobile phone today is the most mature business, its intelligence is relatively mature. Hermes iPhone 6 leather case Hermes iPhone 6 Case

Millet focuses not on the front end, when it’s on the front end if you back with all the data analysis done, how industrialization, how do you make money?

Huang Jiangji: I hope I resolved question of the report, if you do things you do not have a front-end, back-end, the clouds, in the end. We first to put this products of hardware do, then put system of software do, is real of user willing to to using this products, then is cloud, has cloud only can produced data, produced has this data zhihou only can to machine learning or, how to depth learning or, let it in turn into a data model, put you of products do have increasingly intelligent, inside of commercial of only can put it of experience degrees do have increasingly good. You really want to French intelligence, you don’t put each floor, can’t you do it intelligently.


Huawei s mysterious new machines appear GeekBench higher than running Mate 8

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8

GeekBench appeared on a Huawei’s mysterious new machine, its test-run higher than Kirin Mate 8 950, single core performance up to 1913, multi-core performance for 6870.

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8
Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8

See from the GeekBench, the unknown of the new machine is equipped with 8-core processor, memory 4GB system for Android 6.0. Comparative information on GeekBench Mate 8, in addition to the Board is different, almost unanimously.

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8
Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8

(Integers) GUCCI case for iphone

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8
Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8

(Floating) GUCCI iPhone 6 Cases

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8
Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8


Detailed contrast Mate 8 run the test, you can find whether it is in integer arithmetic on floating-point operations, new machines are better than Mate 8 Kirin 950, but the run was significantly lower than that of memory Mate 8. This projection is optimized for the new machines may be equipped with Kirin 950, or high frequency’s version of kylin 953 and 955.

GUCCI case for iphone

Huawei's mysterious new machines appear GeekBench, higher than running Mate 8


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Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

CVE security vulnerability database Details released in 2015, this security vulnerabilities than any other software product of the year list, ranked in the top five are: Mac OS x, iOS, Flash and Air and the Adobe Air SDK. Mac OS x led by 384, followed by iOS with 375, compared with 130,Windows in contrast, Android is also only about 150.

iPad mini Hello Kitty case

Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

In the last year, were the top five in the list is the IE browser, Mac OS x, Linux Kernel, Chrome and iOS,Android is not in the top 50.

Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

CEV results Details can also cause some controversy. For example, OS x has only one General entry, while the Windows are divided into multiple versions of the. Because a separate version of Windows may be the same vulnerability exists, so it is the full version number of vulnerabilities in between 135~155. Hello Kitty iPad mini

If by manufacturer number of vulnerabilities will be much fun–Microsoft based on 1561 came first, including all of the IE vulnerability, Windows and other software. However, 8 of them in other Windows versions also exist is repeated. iPad mini Hello Kitty case

Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability


Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability
Specifically in reference to Apple over Microsoft security vulnerability

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Micro major update Apple to Watch

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

On December 29, iOS app ushered in major update, the focus of this update is that app on the Apple Watch, micro-micro-letter letter watchOS 2 is the official claim to be overridden. Vera Bradley iPhone 6 Case

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

This update includes:

Circle of friends dial: lift the wrist at a time, you can see the dynamics of friends.

Small-signal: click a friend’s head, you can send a voice message.

Watch contact: on the watch quickly send information to a friend.

Exclusively for watchOS 2 rewrite, less electricity, 1.5 times performance increase.

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

Now Apple app can be added directly on the dial of the Watch contacts more easily communicate with micro-friends, and friends will take turns on the dial displaying of the last few.

Vera Bradley iPhone 6

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch
Micro-major update: Apple to Watch
Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

But the app also has a new Apple Watch special features, micro-buddy’s head in a letter sent by clicking on the “small signal”, the so-called small-signal is a pop-up shaking reminder in each other’s cell phone will pop up a tiny little window that displays “looking for you”, and this function does not exist on the phone. Vera Bradley iPhone 6

And now Apple Watch app can finally send voice messages! We don’t need to go text sending app information with your voice, although Apple Watch voice transfer to micro-letter character recognition rate is higher than those of other smart watch, but will always appear to identify error conditions, voice messages will let Apple Watch app chat become more available!

While app official said “fully watchOS 2 rewrite, less electricity, 1.5 times performance increase. “But I discovered after Apple app is still on the Watch tab, the slower response ~

Micro-major update: Apple to Watch


Micro-major update: Apple to Watch
Micro-major update: Apple to Watch

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Wireless communication standard setters why the 5G is overrated

When discussing the Internet communication technologies, the industry association for such a cliché topic:

Internet communication technology so much, the need for a uniform standard?

5G there are so many advantages, it is required for Internet communication technologies?

Networking area this is one of the few problems with transmission, specifically has been sublimated into two propositions. Industry have given their answer to first question, benevolent; the second is almost unanimously, they think that 5 g is the basis of all things Internet.

But in the eyes of a wireless communication standard custom, the answer is the opposite. Wi-SUN Union greater standards Director, IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), 802.15 wireless professional networking and Zigbee Alliance founder Robert Heile received from Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) interview, has overturned the two propositions.

Wireless communication standard-setters: why the 5G is overrated

Wi-SUN Union standards greater China Director Robert Heile

5G is not the only

If you use the simplest way to describe differences in networking and the Internet, it is “a large quantity”.

By 2020 there will be 26 billion devices will achieve interoperability, in fact it could be bigger.

Heile said.

This order of magnitude to make high demands to make the connection between the device and even standards haven’t developed was deified 5G network has been in the industry become a key technology for hosting such a large-scale equipment. From a technical standpoint of choice for 5G is the Internet of things, and it supports large-scale data connections, and has the advantage of high bandwidth, high speed and low latency.

However, Heile, 5G role was amplified by industry, it is not the only communication technology.

Although 5G will become the core of future networks, but also key to the mass adoption of the Internet of things technologies, but the 4G extension only, not a revolutionary technology, even without 5G, things still exist.

You may think so, five years after commercial 5G field is still the mobile Internet, rather than the Internet.

Because in the tens of billions of Internet devices, bandwidth scenarios and data traffic is only a small part of it.

Take a very simple example, you deploy sensors of the building façade cannot also implanted a 5G module, power consumption and cost is obviously not allowed. Instead there is some near-field communication technology such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, and even SigFox, LoRa and other low power private networks can also solve basic communication between devices.

Summary is, 5G is just part of a wider network of Internet of things.

Compatibility, there is no uniform standard

No doubt, WiFi, and Bluetooth, ZigBee, Zwave, and numerous is not mainstream wireless communications technology can satisfy the needs of various scenarios. For example, the short-range high-speed application you first think of WiF, point-to-point distance transmission using Bluetooth to meet …

But communication protocols but sweet annoyance.

Now the biggest problem is too much technology over the next five years will be phased out, and several mainstream technologies.

As to what kind of technology will become mainstream who dare to make improper comments, however, Heile also made a bold prediction–there can be no uniform standard between communication protocols also do not replace each other.

Wireless communication and cable are not the same, because the causes of air interface, direct connectivity of wireless communication is not possible, and the different communications protocols have different application scenarios, technologies cannot meet the tens of billions of devices. Kenzo iPhone6 plus

Kenzo iPhone6 plus

This logic seems correct, but the chip-makers, module suppliers and terminal equipment manufacturers to bring a difficult question–among the many technologies to choose the most appropriate technology is not difficult, but the technology you pick what technology to connect with others is a skilled task.

At present, the tradeoff is between the various devices in the industry can not directly connected, for example, within the family, through a gateway device can be connected to different communication standards, greater range, can also be solved through the clouds.

In this regard, Heile thinks just to Exchange data, is equivalent to connectivity. KENZO iPhone 6 Plus Case

Is the nature of Internet connected devices, but the purpose of connecting devices can exchange data, and converting data into usable information. From a technical perspective, networking at any level if it can be connected to each other, enabling data transfer, you can become part of the Internet of things, such as WiFi or cellular networks (mobile network).

Of course, Heile says this is the best of several connection methods, better plan ahead, like many Union are pursuing compatible technology.

The ultimate goal

From a single technology, applied to the Internet communication technology and there will be no big change in the future, the most likely scenario is to be developed to a higher standard of standards development, such as frequency, reaching dozens of GHz, so you can reach higher speeds and higher bandwidth. At present, the industry has been done in optical communication, so there is not much in frequency space.

Frequency has reached the limit, but the new technology is still emerging.

For example, in recent years the attention of the industry “multi-hop networks”. It is constructed from nodes, including devices such as computers and cell phones, these devices are wireless connected to each other, and can transmit data over the network to each other. Data from one node to another node until you reach the destination. As soon as any one node is available, data can be transferred.

Wireless Ad Hoc networks, wireless sensor networks and Wireless Mesh Networks fall into this category, but the programme is not yet mature. Future wireless communication technologies not only acts as a connection